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Membership Scheme

Fast Facts

  • Join our membership scheme and, for a low monthly payment, receive inclusive check ups, hygienist sessions and discounts on most treatments and oral hygiene product purchases
  • Join our standard plan (£9.95 pm) for two checkups & hygienist sessions per year
  • Join our hygiene plan (£15.95 pm) for two checkups and four hygienist sessions per year
  • Join our family plan (£19.95 pm) to cover two adults and up to three children aged 15 & under.

Join our membership scheme and cut the cost of treatment

We like to repay our patients’ loyalty and continued custom by giving access to our lowest prices for treatment. For a low monthly payment, we’ll check your teeth twice a year and you’ll benefit from a 15% discount on any treatments (except surgical or orthodontic treatments) and 15% discount on any dental products bought from us. This gives you the peace of mind that you’ll always have access to the dentist and will be able to maintain your oral health at minimum cost.


Three plans are available:


  • Standard - £9.95 per month. Membership of this plan entitles you to two clinical examinations and two hygienist sessions per year and our 15% members discounts
  • Hygiene - £15.95 per month. Membership of this plan entitles you to two clinical examinations and four hygienist sessions per year and our 15% members discounts.
  • Family - £19.95 per month. Membership of this plan gives all the benefits of the standard plan for two adults. Up to three children aged 15 or under will each receive two inclusive check ups per year and all five will receive the 15% members discounts.

Join our membership scheme and you'll start saving straight away. Not only will you benefit from the 15% members discounts, we'll also discount your next check up (or initial check up if you're new to AllClear) to £9.95 (normally £29.95).


Important information


When considering whether to join our scheme, please bear the following in mind:


  • We ask you to remain a member for at least one year. If you cancel your membership before you have been in the scheme for twelve months, you will be required to pay back any discounts given to you
  • You will not be able to receive the inclusive check up and hygiene sessions until you have been a member for six months (three months for the first hygienist session for Hygiene Plan members). However, you will receive the members' discount immediately on joining so, if you need to see the hygienist before you are eligible for the inclusive session, you will be charged at the reduced members' rate.
  • By joining the scheme, you agree to maintain regular visits for your inclusive check ups and hygiene sessions. It is your responsibility to ensure that you make appointments for your dental examinations and hygienist sessions when they are due; we will normally send reminders to you by email, text or letter according to your preference. If you do not arrange these, then further reminders may be sent to you by email or text and a charge may be made by the practice to cover the costs of providing the scheme including employment costs of hygienists, charges made Claremont Ltd who collect the direct debits on our behalf and the costs of sending repeated reminders to non attenders.


Frequently asked questions

Who is it for?
Our payment plans are suitable for anyone aged 16 & over who is prepared to commit to AllClear for their long term dental care and maintain regular visits for check ups and hygienist sessions.


What do I need to do to join?
Just book an initial check up with us and, when you attend, bring your bank details (account number and sort code). After checking your teeth and discussing your needs and expectations, we'll ask you to complete and sign a simple form and acceptance is guaranteed.


When can I benefit?
As our monthly plan is effectively a savings scheme, we will ask you to pay for your initial check up and hygienist session in full (but at the reduced rates applicable to our scheme members). Every six months thereafter, you will receive a check up and hygienist session covered by the plan (if you join our Hygiene Plan, your first hygienist session will be after three months membership and then every three months thereafter). You will be eligible for discounted treatment as soon as you join the plan.


How long must I remain a member?

We enrol members into the scheme with the expectation that they will remain with us for many years. For this reason, there is no fixed membership period. However, when joining, you do commit to remain a member for a minimum of 12 months and, if you cancel your membership before 12 payments have been made, you will be asked to pay back any discounts given to you as a result of your membership.


Can I still claim from my dental insurance scheme if I am a member of your plan?

Yes. Our membership scheme is not an insurance scheme - the money you pay each month is credited to your account with us as a prepayment to be used against treatment. When you attend for your inclusive check up or hygienist session, we take the cost of the treatment from your account at a reduced members rate. For standard plans, the amount we debit for two checkups and two hygeinist sessions per year is exactly equal to the total of 12 monthly payments (and similarly for hygiene and family plans) - therefore when you attend, we can give you a receipt for the amount debited which can then be claimed from any dental insurance you may have.


Why do you make a charge if I do not attend?

AllClear's membership scheme is different to most other dental schemes which have fixed limits on the treatment allowed in any one year and, if the treatment is not taken, it is not carried over. The AllClear scheme effectively allows you to carry over the credits if they are not used and also to use them against other treatments.


However, to ensure that the scheme can operate properly, we need to ensure that enough hygienist appointments are available to meet our obligations to provide inclusive sessions to scheme members and also treat other patients who do not wish to join the scheme. Non-takeup of inclusive sessions leads to unproductive time for the hygienists during which the practice needs to pay their costs. In addition, we then incur additional costs in sending multiple reminders.


Don't forget that attending for your inclusive sessions costs nothing over and above your monthly payment but if you do build up a small credit balance within the limits allowed, it can be used against any other treatment.


Can I convert my plan to a different one if I need to see the hygienist more/less regularly or want to include other family members?

Yes, you can change to a different plan at any time. Just call in or phone and we will tell you what you need to do.


What happens if I leave the scheme?

If you decide to leave the scheme, any surplus payments (after recovery of discounts if appropriate) will be retained on your account and can be used against future treatments. We do not issue refunds of any surplus payments.


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