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Teeth Straightening with Invisalign®

Fast Facts

  • Invisalign Go® provides a fast, near invisible solution to misaligned front teeth in adults
  • Appliance removable for eating & cleaning
  • Treatment costs just £2,999.95 or, with our interest free finance, £299.99 per month (based on 10 monthly repayments with no deposit. Representative APR 0%. Total amount payable £2,999.90. Loans subject to status. Written details on request.

Invisalign® for fast realignement of front teeth

Are you troubled by misaligned, crowded or crooked teeth but concerned about the impact of braces on your appearance?


At one time, getting straighter teeth meant metal braces but, thanks to advances in dental care, many cases can now be treated with removable discrete orthodontic appliances that are particularly suited to adult cases.


Picture of Invisalign nearly invisible aligner

At AllClear, we are able to treat many cases of misaligned front teeth (i.e. incisors, canines and first premolars) using Invisalign Go®, a series of removable near-invisible aligners which has the advantages of speed of treatment (treatments typically take just 8 months to complete) and cost effectiveness (the basic treatment costs just £2,999.95 or, with our interest-free finance, £299.99 per month*).




Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible aligners that are custom-made to your teeth for comfort. As you replace each aligner every two weeks, your teeth will move gradually towards the final projected position as prescribed by your Invisalign provider.



Invisalign Go® can treat a range of adult orthodontic conditions and is particularly suited to cases of ‘relapse’ (e.g. where braces were worn as a child but the teeth have returned to their misaligned position in later life).


Orthodontic treatment by general dentists

Teeth straightening has been traditionally undertaken by specialist orthodontists who have received extensive postgraduate training in the straightening of teeth. In recent years, a number of orthodontic treatments have been developed for use by general dentists (such as AllClear's dentists) and Invisalign Go® is one such product. For suitable cases, these products can give excellent and fast results but they do have limitations and for serious or complex cases of misalignment, a specialist orthodontist should still be consulted. We will be happy to recommend a local orthodontist to you if we feel that your condition is outside the scope of what we, as general dentists, are able to treat at AllClear.

What our patients have said

The following testimonials have been given to us by patients at the end of their Invisalign treatment with us:


My treatment went ever so smoothly. My teeth are looking amazing & I couldn't be happier. The staff have been nothing short of incredible. I would highly recommend anyone to use them. - Anonymous patient


I am thrilled with my results and have so much more confidence in smiling. Shiralee has been so amazing and I couldn't recommend having the Invisalign treatment here enough. - Anonymous patient


Very happy with the end result and would advise those who want to have it done should not wait for long. Thank you very much - Consuela P


I am really happy with how my teeth look and the whole process was easy, comfortable and has left me with the result I have! Shiralee and her team have been extremely informative and helpful the whole way - Katie B


I am very pleased with the treatment received. From initial consultation to the final phase of treatment, Dr Patel has kept me informed of the process, listened to my concerns and modified my plan to give me the smile I asked for. Most importantly, I'm very happy with the end result and can't stop smiling. - Anita N



* based on £2,999.95 borrowed repayable by 10 monthly payments with no deposit. Representative APR 0%. Total amount payable £2,999.95.

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