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Changes to patient arrangements


The ongoing covid-19 pandemic has necessitated changes both to the way we will welcome you to the practice and to your experience whilst with us. In particular, the front door of the practice will be kept locked at all times, our reception & waiting area is temporarily closed and you will only be admitted to the practice when we are ready to see you.


Whilst we would have preferred not to have to do this, your safety and the safety of everyone else entering the practice, whether customers or members of our team, is our priority and we believe that the measures we have taken will minimise the risks of infection being transmitted via the practice. We will continue to review the measures in place in the light of progress being made to eradicate the virus and restore our traditional service as soon as it is safe to do so.


Booking your appointment


If you wish to book an appointment, you must either phone us on 020 8688 3869 or use the appointment request form by clicking/tapping here. You will not be able to call into the practice to do this for the time being. Whilst the phone will be staffed throughout the day, it will be answered remotely and there may be times when it goes to voicemail. In such cases, please just leave your name and number and we will call you back as soon as we can.


When you phone (or if you have sent an email or left a voicemail, when we call you back), we will take/check your personal details, discuss the reason for your appointment and ask you to verify to the best of your knowledge that you are not at risk of carrying the covid-19 virus. Your details will then be passed to the dentist who will review your case and you will then be called back, either to confirm your booking or to advise you on alternative courses of action if we are unable to assist you. In particular, please refer to the section headed 'restricted treatments' below to see the scope of treatment we are currently able to undertake.


Once your appointment has been booked in, you will receive an email from us confirming the appointment and giving you further instructions. It is important that you read and action this immediately on receipt.


Updating your medical history


Before we are able to treat you, we need to know your medical history. Previously these details were collected either on a paper form or electronically on a tablet but we have now moved to a new system whereby a link will be either emailed or sent by SMS to you for completion on your computer, tablet or phone prior to your arrival.


The medical questionnaire includes questions about your possible exposure to the covid-19 virus; if you believe there is any risk, however small, that you have been exposed to this, then you should contact the practice straight away and not attend your appointment.


Arriving at the practice


To minimise the risk of infection, our waiting room will not be available for the time being and you will be asked to remain outside the practice until we are ready to see you. Once the surgery has been prepared, you will be admitted onto the premises and asked to step onto a wet mat to disinfect your shoes. We will then check your forehead temperature with a contactless thermometer and issue you with disposable gloves, visitor's gown and mask for the duration of your stay in the practice.


Your medical details will be rechecked and, providing all is well, you will be taken to the surgery for treatment.


Restricted treatments


Because the transmission risk of covid-19 is still high, we need to take special care, particularly where treatment involves the production of water spray - these are called Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs).


Many treatments, including in particular hygienist appointments, require the use of equipment which generates a water spray which, in turn, causes the escape of microscopic water droplets into the atmosphere. These droplets remain in the atmosphere for a period after treatment and so present a risk to patients who, for obvious reasons, are unable to wear masks during treatment.


As far as possible, we try to avoid undretaking AGPs but are now able to do these where necessary to avoid further deterioration of the teeth. However, current requirements dictate that we must leave surgeries empty for at least 20 minutes after undertaking AGPs to allow any airborne droplets to settle.


Wehave upgraded the ventilation in our surgeries and purchased additional equipment to help remove these 'aerosols' so that you can attend with the peace of mind that we have made every effort to minimise the risks.


At the end of your visit


Once your treatment is completed, we will ask you to go to the reception area and any discussion about future treatment, booking appointment and settling the balance fee will take place in the reception area where a large acrylic screen between you and the dentist will keep you both safe.


We will ask you to remove the visitor's gown and place it the bin provided and will then unlock the door for you to leave. You need to keep your mask and gloves until you are outside the premises unless you wish to use your own face covering.


Please note, that we are unable to offer patient toilet facilities at present.


With immediate effect, we can only collect payment by credit or debit card and no longer accept cash. If this will cause you problems, please contact the practice prior to your appointment to agree the way forward.


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